What is the shelf life of your products?

Kale Chips 12 months
Cauliflower Poppers 8 months
Carrot Crisps  – 8 months
Banana Chewies – 6 months
Pineapple Chewies  – 8 months
Fruit Jerky  – 6 months
Nut Butter Cups  – 6 months
Energy Bars – 3 months
Bliss Balls – 4 months
Granola – 8 months
Trail Mix – 4 months


Are all your products vegan?

Our Kale Chips, Banana Chewies, Bliss Balls and Trail Mix are vegan. Our Granola and Energy bars are sweetened with raw, wild honey and are not considered vegan, but dairy-free.


Are your products keto-friendly?

Our Kale Chips and Bliss Balls are keto-friendly.


Which products are nut-free?

Our Naked Banana Chewies, Dark Chocolate Banana Chewies, Champorado Granola and Dark Brownie Bliss Balls are all nut-free.


Can the Kale Chip boxes be assorted flavors?

Yes! Simply indicate your chosen flavors in the notes section and we’ll take care of the rest.


What sweeteners do you use?

Our Kale Chips, Naked Banana Chewies and Trail Mixes do not contain any added sugar or sweeteners.  
Our Granola, Energy Bars and Bliss Balls are sweetened with coconut nectar or raw, wild honey.