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"Take Root is different because, first of all, our name is an action phrase. There's also this idea of coming back home to the Philippines and setting down roots. IT applies to the way we want people to see our food: making good choices and having good habits take root."


"From the girls who made those addictive crunchy kale chips. Take Root is now making your favorite bowl of salad on-the-go. Think arugula, kale, carrots, tomatoes and red cabbage flavored with a balsamic dressing for a sweet, tangy taste. Who knew vegetables could be so scrumptious?"


"Everything you've heard about Take Root's kale chips is true--they're as tasty as they're healthy, and we're going to go as far as saying that they're addictive. Cauliflower chicharon? Chocolate-covered kale chips? A thousand times yes, please."


"Take Root aims to address the market’s need for healthy snacks. We dream up addictively satisfying snacks that feed and heal the body in a wholesome way. We kiss artificial additives goodbye and instead load our goodies with nutrients and superfoods."


"The trendy kale lives up to the hype–it’s packed with vitamins A, C, and K, contains calcium, potassium, and iron, and is a good source of fiber. A fun way to consume this leafy green is to enjoy it in chip form, which is crisy, flavorful, and oh-so addicting!"

CelebRITY Mom

"Take Root was born from Aileen Payumo-Whisnant and Monica Mendiola’s desire to create a food business to offer clean, wholesome snacks that make healthy eating easy, accessible and delicious. Take Root’s snacks are so delicious that some of its customers claim that it tastes better than unhealthy snacks."

Good Housekeeping

"The super veggie clocks in with impressive nutritional stats. It’s high-fiber, low-calories, and zero-fat. The yummy seasoning makes it more snack-friendly."


"… in the case of Take Root, a new and actually, quite addicting line of healthy snacks, the name says it all. For plants, to take root means to begin to grow and draw nourishment from the soil. For us, it’s a call to action-establishing healthy eating habits and committing yourself to eating clean, local, and whole foods."